Our Caseworx cabinetry construction is European Frameless or Full Overlay style. Our case or cabinet boxes are constructed from all ¾” thick material except the backs which are ¼”. We use several different material types depending on the application. Our case materials vary from melamine, to hardwood plywood, and even High Density Polyethylene for outdoor applications and harsh environments. The tops, bottoms, stretchers, and fixed shelves are all attached to the side panels using 8mm dowels and glue then put into a clamp that squares the box and holds until glue has cured. The backs are fully captured by fitting into a groove in each side and the bottom. The nailers are then attached behind using screws and pocket joinery to hold firmly against the back. Hinge mounting plates and drawer slides are attached directly to the end panels using 5mm diameter system screws. This frameless construction offers the most precise fit, cleanest appearance, and best structural integrity on the market and lessens our environmental impact by reducing material used compared to face frame or conventional construction types.